Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable


Has anyone by chance tried out the Moon Audio Black Dragon headphone cable. Considering one for my Senn HD 800 cans. Looking at a 20 foot long cable. Appreciate any feedback offered.


I can say the difference was better. Im not sure it was worth the price. If “better” is alright for the price, sure go for it. I didnt return them.But it wasn’t outstanding. But by the same token, I didn’t return them. For me, it was just enough. But I wouldnt do it again


Thank you. It was one option I was considering. Appreciate the feedback.

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Ended up pulling the trigger on a 6 meter Cardas Cross cable. Long enough to get to the recliner without an extension cable…thanks again.

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Congrats. Let me know how you like them!

Just getting to get some Sennheiser ie 800 S, I tested them and they were sweet.

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Thanks I’d like to put a set of HD 800S. Hoping a Massdrop version might pop up.


Even though I am getting the inner ear version, the S version of the open full size sounded really sweet.