MoonDrop Stellaris Review: Still Still (Not) Stellar –

MoonDrop Stellaris Review

Review written by @Fc-Construct

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Planar IEMs are becoming so good lately. I’m surprised that this one didn’t hit the mark.

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Same. If had to put money on who would make the best planar IEM in mid-2022, I would have bet on Moondrop; not sure what the heck happened with this one.

The drivers are technically competent. The tuning weirdly does not hit the mark compared to Moondrop’s stellar (hah) track record although it’s really the poor fit and heavy/bulky shells that are the biggest issue for me.

It really makes me wonder if they have something truly competitive in the works, but it just wasn’t going to be ready in time for the “planar wars” fetish occurring right now, so they threw the Stellaris out there for the interim

The Moondrop CEO himself said it wasn’t good and yet released it anyway. Not a great look for any successor either.

Oof. What a head scratcher!

Shame. Hope Moondrop can get it together better with their next planar IEM. Not that we’re hurting for good options in this price bracket and IEM type at the moment.

Also, I see you, Hoshiyomi. Nice reference.