Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition - Official Discussion Thread

After burning it in for nearly 100hrs, it sounds as great as the 1st day I got it. The Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition.

Atom - SMSL DA9 - Fyne Audio F301.

Atom - Hifiman Arya V2.

Foobar 2000 - Denafrips Iris DDC - Atom - SMSL DA9 - Fyne Audio F301.

Foobar 2000 - Denafrips Iris DDC - Atom - Hifiman Arya V2.

Headphones experience with Atom HE - Hifiman Arya V2, Hifiman Ananda Stealth Edition, Audeze LCD X. Lush, warm, musical and organic. Too warm for LCD X combo.


Yes! We love our big black boxes!


Very nice looking setup you’ve got there. Sure it sounds great as well. Wish I would’ve listened to this at Canjam…regret not taking the time to try it.

One of the cool things I like about this is the rear XLR headphone out. At first I thought, “well that’s dumb” but I think it would actually be nice to not have any cables coming out of the front…nice and clean look.


Thanks dude…yup absolutely a baller All-in-one. Love it very much…just by looking at it is very mesmerizing too…hehe.

I would like to use the XLR…but my cable abit too short for now… However don’t think it goes well for my setup as I need to keep it in a dry box when not in use. So the front is convenient for me.

Bottom of my table.