One Headphone Collection vs Two Headphone Collection vs Three Headphone Collection Selections

Fwiw, it sounds to me like you’d enjoy a mysphere (if you haven’t tried one already) too! Could be a great addition since you’re using a stratus


I will have to get ears on based on the favorable impressions recently offered! Do you think the 3.1 or 3.2 would pair better with the Stratus? Output impedance can be set to 3, 8, 115, 120 ohm.

Which ear cushions/pads do you usually use?

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That is a question @Polygonhell could probably answer since he has a stratus. Iirc he uses a 3.1…
I have the standard frames as on my chain I don’t need the extra treble air or bass. But I’d imagine it would come down to your system and what you think it lacks.

If you didn’t know I believe you can trial a mysphere for a small fee. Just shoot Heinz an email, really great to talk to.

Also, I’d recommend giving this article a read. It’s very thorough (with a lot of comparisons) and worth your time if you have any interest in the mysphere: At A Glance: Mysphere 3.1 & 3.2 – Sonvs Apparatvs


Good info. Thanks for the reminder about the trial with a nominal fee. I’ll give the article a read.

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I used the 3.1 on the stratus with a Lavri cables dual 3 pix XLR cable, on low impedance, so 8 Ohms.
I had the bass frames, if anything the mid bass was skewed a bit high, and I’d probably go with the standard frames, but it’s probably personal preference.
I sold my Stratus last week but it was a fantastic match with the 3.1’s.


Very helpful, thanks.

Great read. It does seem like the MySphere may be in line with my preferences. The descriptions of certain Modwright and Allnic amps might complement the Stratus for an alternative presentation, where all were suggested with the 3.1.

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Currently owned:

One and done headphone: LCD5
Two headphone collection: LCD5/Expanse is for sale
Three headphone collection: LCD5/ Expanse & i4 both for sale


One and done headphone: LCD5
Two headphone collection: LCD5/Stealth (haven’t heard)
Three headphone collection: LCD5/ Stealth (for closed situations) & X9K (both haven’t heard)

I have only heard LCD5/Expanse/i4 and the 5 is the best I have heard. I never expected to not only hear amazing sounds but feel the emotion. It has been a transformative experience for me. The level of frisson I get with my favorite vocals were an unexpected discovery in my journey that will forever be a part of my reference going foward. LCD5 is one and done for me and just focusing, experimenting on if anything can be improved.


Only just ran across this thread…
One and done: HiFiMan Ananda
Collection of two: HiFiMan Ananda, Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X
Collection of three (after I win the lottery): HiFiMan Susvara, HiFiMan Ananda, Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

  1. FOCAL ELEX. Build quality is high; frequency response is so good, out of the box, that I don’t feel the need to EQ them. Great open backs. A “steal” when bought on sale (which is what I did).

  2. OPPO PM-2. My first pair of “hi-fi” headphones since I bought the KOSS ESP-6 when they were first released. Love them despite their shortcomings (which ALL headphones have, admit it!).

  3. FOCAL ELEGIA. Focal’s entry into the world of closed back headphones, which are “vented”—thus making them a 95% closed back? Whatever one chooses to call them, they look and sound really good at their price point… and even better, if purchased on sale (as mine were).


For one headphone, I’d go with the Sony WH-1000XM4. It’s versatile and covers most needs.
For two, adding the Sennheiser HD 660S for a different sound vibe would be cool.
And for three, the Audeze LCD-X for serious detail, the Grado SR80e for fun times, and maybe a FiiO K5 Pro amp would cover all bases. Some are owned, some are goals!

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One and done headphone: Currently own the Sony WH-1000XM4. Super versatile! Two headphone collection: Adding the Sennheiser HD 660S for more studio vibes. Three headphone collection: Got the Audeze LCD-X for detailed listening, and eyeing the Focal Clear for fun sessions.
Using a Schiit Modi/Magni combo for now. Dreaming of a more robust setup eventually!"
Keeping it straightforward and informal to match the forum style and diving into the gear preferences!

I never took a turn with this, so here we go:

  1. “One headphone to rule them all” :wink: Focal Utopia. OG or U2022, your choice, Mine is U2020.

  2. Two headphones: Focal Utopia, ZMF Atrium Open. These two make a wonderful counterpoint/contrast. Depending on my mood, Atrium can be my 1st choice.

  3. Three headphones: Utopia, Atrium Open, Rosson RAD-0. The Rosson and the Atrium could easily swap spots, depending on what I want to listen to. The Rosson has more detail in the treble, and slams harder than the Atrium. But the Atrium is the most comfy headphone I own, and soundstage is next level over anything. Interestingly, those two headphones (Rosson and Atrium) have remarkably similar frequency response (per Lachlan at Passion for Sound). Which also goes to show how FR definitely doesn’t “measure” everything!

Of course this is all subjective, but fun anyway! :laughing: