What headphones do you have in your collection and why?

As I build my collection of cans and audio gear to compliment my listening experience, I wondered what other awesome members had in their personal collection and why they have them. Are there certain genres of music that a pair of headphones in your collection just do better than anything else so you can’t part with them? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!


I only have a few headphones. I started with Koss Porta Pros, of which I’ve purchased a few pairs for myself and as gifts. Those were an introduction into headphones, as they were highly regarded when I started looking into this hobby. They have a full/warm sound that provides easy listening to most any genre. I still listen to them often (almost daily) as a portable.

I wanted something more resolving in the upper register and less “boomy” so I ended up choosing AKG Q701 (the ugly lime green because it was the cheapest of the three color variants) which had a massive soundstage and gave me those upper frequencies that I was wanting. They were a little too recessed in the lower frequencies and a little bright sounding, but still enjoyable.

Wanting more low end and after further ‘research’ I chose Audeze’s LCD-X, and I love them. They’re not perfect (slightly recessed mids, and maybe could use a little more in the top end, but very little), but boy do they get me to about 90% of where I would call perfect for my ears.

There’s something about that planar warmth and speed that does it for me. I have it paired with a Rupert Neve RNHP which is a fantastic little amp that powers the X’s perfectly.

I’m currently in my investigative research mode :laughing: looking to get a dac to add into my listening chain. I currently use the built in dac of a Bluesound Node 2i. It’s not a bad dac, but it’s definitely the week link in my audio chain.

The final three choices are the RME ADI-2, Matrix Audio X-SABRE PRO MQA, and the Chord Qutest.

I like MQA but it’s definitely not a requirement. I’ll probably end up with the RME because it’s the least expensive, but my top choice is the Qutest which is interesting because it has the least features and the interface is rather odd, but Rob Watts has put together a compelling little dac.

Other headphones I’ve owned/own are;
-Grado SR80 (really enjoyed so much about them, but they were way too bright) returned.

-B&O H3 (fun sounding, less boomy than Porta Pros. Very easy sound) 3.5mm connector broke.

-Bang & Olufsen Earset (really disappointing sound. Thin, lacking in comfortable. Not nearly as good as the wired H3’s) still use for occasional phone calls moving about my home.


@MRphotography: Sennheiser HD 598s and RS-195s–to me all genres sound great with both-- the RS’s are for listening on my back porch (freezing my ass off) with a Lagavulin and a NUB cigar–the SQ/separation is due probably not to the cans but my new Ragarnok 2 and Yggdrasil GS(Jerry and the boys never sounded so good!) bobbmd



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That sounds like a great setup, I am interested in giving the LCDX’s a listen at some point I have heard good things about them from people online!


My headphones are Focal Clear. I’m using a Black Dragon Balance cable with my Astell & Kern SP2000 player in the balance port. The sound is open, clear, and well balance. I listen to classical, New Age, Singer song writer, and groups from the late 60’s and early 70’s. I’m a woodwind player myself.


Have you considered the Benchmark dac3 hgc or dac2 hgc. I have the dac2 hgc and I’m very pleased with it. You can find a used one for around $1K.


I eventually want to get a pair of Focal Clears! Right now I am enjoying the Focal Elear with Clear Pads from the awesome Holiday Bundle from Headphones.com


Welcome to forum.

The Benchmark was one of the first units that I was interested in. It was actually the fourth unlisted option! I’m a fan of pro/pro-sumer gear. Their HPA4 is one of my top choices for my next amp.

I like the idea of “accurate” sound. Ideally I want to hear what’s on the recording with the least amount of coloration. I would prefer to add any coloration at the end of the listening chain via tube amps, or headphones (more so with a tube amp).

After the dac my next purchase will be a tube amp.

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Sennheiser HD58X - Fairly neutral but still pretty exciting sound, comfortable to wear for long hours, sounds decent from my phone and even better from my desktop (D10 + Atom).

AKG K371 - For when I need a closed back. Again fairly neutral, super well extended bass, reasonably detailed highs. Not as comfortable as HD58X (cups a little small)

KZ ZS10 Pro with Spinfit Tips - Comfortable and premium looking IEM, sounds great with EQ, my go-to for on the go and when lying in bed.

Aftershokz Aeropex - This bone-conduction bluetooth headphone is super convenient and gets most of my listening time. Not so hot for music, but great for YouTube, podcasts and voice/video calls.

On the way - HE4XX (gives me something to do with my spare ZMF Ori pads and I miss having a planar in the house).

Also on the way - Verum One - some people have described it as an LCD2C with fixed upper mids. Having owned the LCD2C before, this sounds really appealing, plus I like the idea of buying something handmade from Ukraine.


Nice collection!

I also have the HD58X but after going back and forth between them and the 6XX I think I am going to send them back. I love their sound but if I am going to only keep one I think it is going to be the 6XX. However I am getting the Ananda’s this week and some say it is a better replacement to the 6XX so technically I might be sending both back! I don’t know much about the Verum Headphones yet, I will have to check out some reviews on them! Thanks for sharing this with me.

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The HPA4 is another great choice. Any recommend tube amps you’ve been looking at?

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Yeah I really wanted to hear about what headphones people had in their collection and why lol. Being from a smaller city it’s pretty tough for me to find any headphones to listen to so I truly rely on what other people find great to their ears and online reviews/youtube. That was my intent with starting this thread it definitely went off topic now onto tube amps etc. I am probably guilty of doing the same thing on other threads so as a new member this is a great lesson so I know how to be a great member of the community and stay on topic on other threads.


I do the same since have no time to test headphones. Some of the comments of the members are very helpful to give you an idea where to start or which try for a new set of cans.
If you search around in here will find an encyclopedia of headphones and impressions/reviews.
This one is the best if you are into close back

Ops !!! My bad!! My intention was to post the link and not the whole thing!! Hopefully one of the editors can fix that!!

Sennheiser HD 650 Open. I use it on my main system with the Benchmark DAC 3. It needs the power of that amp to sound best.

Shure 1540 Closed. I use it at night in bed with my MacBook/Dragonfly Cobalt.

Beyerdynamic DT880 for monitoring my keyboards and recordings in my home studio. I like it’s extended high end to give me a clear sonic picture of the upper frequencies. However I find it too bright to listen to my classical recordings and lacking in low end power.

BeyerDynamic Aventho Closed/Wired for travel. I like this headphone the least and am thinking of selling it.

An old Sennheiser PX100 Open for walking with my iPod.

My favorite is the Shure. Best overall balance, low end and for a closed HP it’s just as open and transparent as the 650 and it’s more comfortable. It’s a really nice match for the Cobalt since it’s around 50 Ohms.