Opinions about Boom 3D or FXSound?

Boom 3D and FXSound both allow 3D, spacial, ambiance and fidelity adjustments to “tune” output according to personal preference. The Boon program has a 36 band adjustable EQ while the FX has a very simple 10 band EQ.
Is anyone else using one of these enhancement programs or something similar?

if you are using Foobar, there is an option that allows for the use of VST plug-ins. There are a lot of good VST plug-ins for EQ, my personal favorite is Fabfilter Q2 (I need to upgrade to 3 at some point). I think they have a 30 day trial and it is about as configurable as a good parametric EQ can be. Cost is on the high side but interface is very good.


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Thanks Wiljen,
I have added VST plugins in JRiver but due to my laziness and juvenile listening habits, I mostly use Spotify.
The DSP options I mentioned above in Boom 3D work well with Spotify and allow quick and “dirty” adjustments.
When I grow up and develop a more refined taste in music, I will go back to JRiver and use more legitimate methods of output adjustments. The Fabfilter Q2 EQ looks great! (and complicated!). I am a curious type so I will probably get around to playing with it.
In the meantime, I found a parametric equalizer designed exclusively for Spotify! Here is a link: Equalify Pro. This program actually integrates within Spotify and allows the use of Q and several filters.
Learning to use parametric EQ will be my next adventure!

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