Oppo PM-3 limited edition + Oppo HA-2SE amp

Oppo PM-3 closed back planar magnetic headphones
LIMITED EDITION blue with white leather pads and headband
Link to full description and specs

Hard case, long straight cable and short straight cable with mic and iPhone controls

Ear pads have a few small cracks in the leather and a small spot of coffee on the inside (see photos) BUT factory replacements are still available as well as several aftermarket pads in white

Comfort and sound quality are as new

Oppo HA-2SE portable headphones amplifier and DAC
Matches Oppo PM-3 for excellent synergy
Battery can either power amp or charge any USB rechargeable device
Link to full description and specs

I’m currently only selling these as a set because they work so well together. I have owned these since new. I’m selling because I moved to open back headphones and I need to thin the herd and raise funds for new amp.

Asking $400 including shipping within the 48 US states

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