Portable Bluetooth DAC with Line Out

I’ve been playing around with portable amps like the FiiO A3 and Topping NX1S, and they seem to sound better with a signal from my Grace SDAC than they do from the output on my BTR5 or my Hidizs Sonata. I’m thinking that (As long as this isn’t placebo) it may be because the SDAC is outputting a line level signal whereas the BTR5 is meant to output a lower voltage but can supply more current.

This got me thinking… is there a portable bluetooth device out there that can function purely as a high quality DAC which you can pair with a separate portable amplifier?

There seem to be an infinite number of options for a desktop setup with discrete components, and good portable amplifiers are available. I just don’t think I’ve seen a portable DAC that can function purely as a DAC.

Maybe I’m missing something…

Either way, I’d love to hear any ideas.

The Qudelix 5K has a USB in, and functioned as a DAC. It’s YI gives the uptown to set which input is primary USB, Bluetooth (A2DP 1 or 2).

Lots of daps can do this. What is your budget?

The Q5S Type C has this ability.