Precog's IEM Reviews & Impressions

I have never understood, why IEM companies don’t reach out to reviewers for tests; BEFORE they launch a new product. :thinking:

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Some do, but some just ignore that advice as well! :smiley:


While I am being a little tangential here, it would be great, @Precogvision, to read some impressions on your part of the new Thieaudio Monarch Mk2, in particular comparisons to some other IEMS that are using EST drivers, e.g. Kinera Nanna. Crinacle recently ranked the Mk2 as his #1 overall (top of his S category) IEM. He has previously critiqued IEMs that implement the ESTs poorly. As the Monarch has been pretty highly rated previously, it would be great to have a clearer idea both of what is uniquely good (if you agree) in the new Mk2 implementation, both compared to Mk1 and to other competing, similarly priced IEMs. Some on the HEAD-FI forum have cp’d it side by side to U12T, which seems a bit of an unfair comparison since they are quite differently put together.