Fearless x Crinacle Dawn - just released

If you are into IEMs, you know who crinacle is. It just got released. I believe no one has it yet. Are you excited?

Here is the reddit post by Crin himself: https://www.reddit.com/r/inearfidelity/comments/figb42/the_fearless_x_crinacle_dawn_is_now_available_for/

Posting the FR graph from his graph comparison tool below - you can compare it with others there too at the link: https://crinacle.com/graphs/iems/graphtool/

Not posting the store product link as it may be sort of conflict of interest. You can just google it.

There is supposed to be a tour for the IEM. Will ponder on buying it once I get some impressions.


I am getting the IEM on the North American tour shortly. :slight_smile:


I watched BGGAR’s video on it but he didn’t really say anything…

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Awesome! Please post your impressions once you get it.

I was playing around on the graph comparison tool and this is 95% similar to the U12t except this uses 2 EST drivers. You can check it out by overlaying the two in the FR comparison tool page.


Yes, we have been following the development of the IEM on crinacle’s discord for many months now.


If you don’t mind, I would like to get some buying suggestions from you given your experience with this tier.

I am seeing a good deal on a pair of QDC Anole VX and considering it. Let’s assume the DAWN will sound similar to U12T, would you recommend waiting for it (and save up) or take the Anole VX?

I already own a pair of Legend X and IER-Z1R so I have fun loving V-shaped things. I am after something that can crunch out as much micro detail as possible (which both the ones I mentioned do pretty well but neither do “mids” exceptionally well). I cannot afford the Elysium or Khan so my options are VX, Dawn, PP8 and U12. Also, I do not prefer bass anemic IEMs. Another quirk about me is, I prefer the
Andromeda over the Solaris - which many people find strange.

I also like to listen to a lot of rock-n-roll, progressive metal, the occasional jazz but not at all synthesized music.

Thanks so much in advance.

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VX may be a good bet. Dawn will probably be similar to IER-Z1R given Crinacle’s preferences.

I havent listened to the Prophile 8 yet but I have been seriously contemplating buying one, but it does have lighter bass response unless you flip the switch. I also have the Hidition Viento which I actually do thing has good resolution and coherency as well, but again, also has lighter bass response unless you get the B switch. Have you considered KSE1200 too?

@toranku is a wise one on these types of things and may be able to help you as well. He also writes occasionally on Crinacle’s website. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much. Really appreciate it. Not really considering the KSE1200 because don’t want to carry around the energizer system. And yes, I read Toranku’s thread on headfi.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the DAWN looks like. I asked Linsoul, they said they will have units and pictures up by this weekend.

Thanks again for the response.

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I will post some initial impressions here when I get to hear it. Local store should be receiving it soon-ish. Don’t know exactly when.

Pretty excited since I want to hear what is pleasing to crinacle himself. Not sure how it would work out for me


Awesome to see you in the thread! Yes, please do share your impressions once you get it. Best wishes and stay safe. :slight_smile:


That FR looks excellent. I gotta get in on this.


Totally agreed. I hope USPS/DHL/Fedex remain operational while they get the final units this weekend.

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Really looking forward to your impressions. Good luck.

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That graph looks like perfection. I would love to hear these!

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It does… then again, it also makes the KZ ZS10 look like an absolute bargain by direct comparison:

FR is not the end all be all :slight_smile:

I’ll be getting the Dawn in on Tuesday.


Waiting eagerly for your impressions. The only thing holding me from ordering is the fear of shipping services being shut down n all.

Also, yeah, I agree about the FR. I can probably point to 5-10 IEMs with very different sonics with very similar FR graphs.

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True, there is the temporal/phase domain as well as distortion levels to consider as well. That said, experts have found price to not be very telling of performance even when there is several orders of magnitude of difference in price.

There’s probably a general trend for price to performance, but there are certainly outliers (both good and bad) - even more so with IEMs.