Questions on Creating a Custom Combo Headphone/Mic Cable

Hey guys!

I’ve been loving the forums so far! Been taking a lot of time to read and soak up some of the info that’s been posted, really love the community here.

I recently decided to take on a new DIY project, which is modding my existing headphones (Sony MDR 7506) and my ModMic to combine into a single detachable cable to make it much easier to manage at my computer. Last night I modded the 7506s and their stock cable to be detachable, which thankfully worked out great! The main concern I have now is how to properly combine the headphone cable with the ModMic cable, and I’m having some difficulty finding all the info I need online regarding the subject.

I’ve purchased Mogami W2893 quad mic cable (4 wire + shield) for the project. Originally I thought that both were stereo sources and I was going to run two separate cables for both devices and sleeve them together. However after taking apart the ModMic last night, I realized that it’s in fact a mono mic wired to a stereo jack. It didn’t make much sense to me to add significant bulk to the cable when I may actually be able to combine both into one, making the cable literally half the weight it was going to be before. It was when I started looking up information on combining these cables that I started having trouble, specifically when to use shield as ground, or if I could share a common ground between the two devices.

If I were to combine these cables, what would be the best way to wire them? I’ve seen many stereo instrument cables use the shielding as ground. Would I be able to use 2 of the wires for L/R headphone signals, the shielding for headphone ground, and the remaining 2 cables for mic signal and ground? Or would there be a better way to do this (my other idea was to use a common ground between the two devices but I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not).

Thanks for reading! Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile: