Questyle QP2R - Official Thread


Hello all,

I’ve been trying to use my QP2R to stream TIDAL from my desktop (Windows 10) and while I’ve been able to get it to work after some difficulty, I’m still getting a fairly noticable amount of static popping. It feels like my headphones are trying to eletrically shock me in the ear.

Anyone else struggle with this or found a solution? As the USB should only be communicating a digital signal I’m really confused why the QP2R has so many issues with various cables, 2.0 vs. 3.0 ports, etc. I’m not sure what else I could try. It sounds great playing as a stand alone player.

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I found the QP2R to need to be manually put into USB DAC mode every time, even if it had been left in that mode, in order to be reliably detected and to operate properly (which means switching it out of DAC mode and back into it once it is connected).

It’s also fussy about USB cables for some reason.

If you’re getting “static popping” it is most likely to be due to drop outs in the signal to the DAP. That could be down to the driver not being properly installed (either a device specific driver or the somewhat dodgy built-in Windows 10 UAC2 driver), the QP2R not being happy with the cable, or there being too much going on with your PC/the USB bus.

I no longer have the QP2R, and I don’t run Windows, so can’t offer any help beyond that.

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Thanks @Torq this is helpful. I’ve tried on my laptop as well with similar results. I don’t seem to get the popping on my Android mobile though so maybe it is something a bit buggy with the current windows driver.

I’m open to more suggestions if any other windows user has encountered something similar.