Renewing my interest in Headphones

It has been years since I have had the time to take time for myself and enjoy my music listening hobby. Kids are now older and covid has created some home time. I have some old gear worth noting; Grado sr325i (that needs some attention to the wires as you cannot move around in them), Sennheiser HD 590, Sony Mdr-1A and an original Airhead cheapo amp. Bluetooth includes; Samsung Buds+, Jabra elite 75t, (both primarily for exercising and cycling) and Sony WH-1000 XM4’s that I just pulled the trigger on an Amazon Prime day special. These new Sony’s are great in that they sparked that music listening spark in me again.

For my wired time I am looking for something new and different from the older gear. I think that I would like to remain with open back for that wide soundstage and for the ability to “see” where the instruments are and I would like this with some punch and slam in the lower end where the Grado’s and 590’s fall flat. Not for technical listening purposes, more for just enjoyment with a smooth warm texture that is not fatiguing. The XM4’s do this to a lesser degree in a bluetooth form and are extreeeeeemely comfortable. So comfort will be high on the list as well. Price wise I would like to be in the $500 ball park headphones/amp/dac included. Oh, also I do have a Soundblaster Z audio card in my PC. It does have a decent dac chip on it; Cirrus4398 I believe. With the older headphones I do not detect much noise from it and I do like the fact that I can play with the EQ in the software, however, I am no gamer so it would not be needed for that.


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