Samson Tech Headphones

Ive seen a lot of Samson tech for sale on audiophile websites like sweetwater and Bhpphoto. they are budget “studio” headphones. Anyone heard these?

Zeos reviewed the 100$ top of their line Z55.

They seem to have 2 lines. The Z series and SR series:

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I got sucked into Samson SR850 by various reviews.

Worst. Headphone. Ever.

Literally couldn’t keep it on my head for 15 minutes the clamping was so bad. I wear glasses so it could have been that, but I’ve never experienced anything that bad.

Don’t even remember the sound since I couldn’t wear them.

Maybe some folks here will have advice for the $50-$100 range.


I tried out the SR850 not too long ago, here is the post I left on here:


Their designs are clearly clones of other brands too. That is never a good sign.


As a company, they are not bad, they have been around for 40 years (I believe they are based in New York).

They sell some decent stuff at reasonable prices, like mics, mixing consoles and other stuff, but nothing really high end. They also own Hartke bass amplification which makes some good stuff.

I don’t think they are a company that goes around ripping off other people’s designs, maybe they purchase licences from other companies for some of their products (pretty common in the audio world).


The bad reviews of the SR850 are interesting since that model is a rebranding of the Superlux HD-668B, which was universally well-reviewed as a giant killer a few years ago.

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