Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

This is the official thread to discuss all things to do with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

As of posting this, they aren’t yet released, but we were able to secure a demo unit in advance for evaluation (it’s the purple one of course!).

Here are the measurements done on the GRAS RA0402 industry standard ear simulator.

Using Harman 2019 for this since they’re a Samsung subsidiary, and presumably go after this target. It even says “sound by AKG” on the inside of the case, which is also a Harman company. One thing to note here is that this is pre-release, and currently doesn’t work with the app, so I will re-measure once I’m able to use it with the app and see if there are any firmware changes.

Unsurprisingly, it’s fairly close. Now for those who know me, you also know that I’m not the biggest fan of the Harman in-ear target - or at least, it never seems to sound neutral or good to me. So here it is relative to my own reference point for ‘neutral’, which is based on the sound profile of the Thieaudio Oracle. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be taken as a standard reference target and you should consider the graph above to be that. The following is just how it sounds relative to what I personally prefer.

Active ANC vs Passive mode (normalized at 500hz):

So in general, you can think of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 as a reasonably tuned true wireless in-ear for most people. However, based on my ear canal and how I hear them, they sound a bit shouty in the upper mids, and mildly fatiguing or sharp in the treble. I described this to a friend of mine as ‘fuzzy’ or ‘tinny’ in the treble.

Subjective notes (paired with a OnePlus 7t, running in AAC and SBC - results may be different with Samsung Scalable)

EDIT: I just bought an S22+ to test this with, ran the sweep with it paired to the phone, and got the same result. That doesn’t mean the experience isn’t better with a Samsung phone though, as I was able to get the app up and running and try out the various EQ presets they have. None of which were particularly to my taste, so I just left it on default.

EDIT 2: After further listening, it’s less that these are poor performers in the technicalities department and more that the treble has certain FR-related issues that cause a kind of haze or ‘fuzziness’ to certain tones. This causes it to sound just slightly wrong and compressed in the treble. The bass performance is actually decent, and it doesn’t sound overly blunted.


As expected. Too bad they couldn’t implement multipoint. Next!

Maybe the lack of technical performance is due to AAC and SBC codecs. AAC is horrible on most android phones and SBC… well is SBC. It’s really disappointing that Samsung refuses to implement LDAC or at least aptX.

@Resolve, you should check out the AKG N400 if you haven’t yet. Great tuning and technicalities on a true wireless, and that’s using AAC with an iPhone.

I’ve been using mine for couple of days now. Going through my library and I am pretty impressed with them. Bass is perfect for my taste - solid sub bass focus. I’m yet to find a song where they sound shouty. Resolve may have his ear resonance at different frequencies than mine. I would not call them low resolution either. I think the drivers in are pretty capable. I’m comparing with my high end iems - not on top of the list, but definitely not at the bottom to call them low res. Besides the subjective takes on resolution, this is a very well tuned earphone - maybe the best one on the wireless market for the moment


Yup, the more I listen the more this sounds like an FR issue to me, and of course that’s going to be dependent on ear gain and HRTF factors. Still, for sound quality alone there’s no scenario where I’d take these over a Kato, Aria or Timeless.

That’s not surprising to me. I’ve not yet heard a TWS that I’d take even over the Aria. Hopefully one day their sonic abilities will rival their wired counterparts.

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I’ve long used my Galaxy Buds+ and actually do like them enough with their “dynamic” EQ preset. So this intrigues me being a Samsung fan. I’ve got the S22 Ultra and enjoy the ecosystem of it all.

Here’s the first look vid.

I’ll be sending it down to Precog soon for him to check out as well.


I really enjoy my Galaxy Buds Pro, but I honestly only really use them at the gym, when going on runs or when doing yard work. It was during the rare times I’ve actually sat down and had a focused listening sessions with them that I noticed they were a little lacking in performance metrics such as imaging, treble resolution and bass speed. I haven’t yet heard the Buds2 Pro, so I cannot comment on them.

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hey Resolve, any idea they compare to their predecessors the galaxy buds2 or the galaxy buds pro? impressions or comparing the frequency response?

Crin(acle) seems to be quite fond of (well for TWS) of the harman Samsung tuning. I quite liked the Samsung Galaxy buds2 (previous one) the bass was quite punch with good speed (especially when out an about) I like a more neutral listen in a quieter environment. The upper mids i did find a bit shouty as well. but all in all. For a TWS i was satisfied enough

I can relate to that. The only time I use my Buds+ is out grocery shopping by myself or doing things around the house when the wife is working and I’m home with the kids. Dad of the year material there I know ha! So yeah, I don’t consider them quite the level of other earphones or headphones, but they do the job well enough. Honestly my Free BYRD’s were better for that but I sadly ended up returning them.

Hey Resolve, can you please measure a few of the Google Pixel Buds Pro’s new EQ presets? There’s default, balanced, clarity, heavy bass, light bass, and vocal boost

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Hello. I recently bought galaxy buds pro 2. In the product I bought, in the corner under the net of the left earbud and almost stuck to the net from the inside, from which the sound enters the ear, when it is placed under the light, something It looks like a sensor or something like that. Of course, only on the left side. Because there is no such thing on the right earbud in the product I got. Is it normal? Whatever is there is not dust or pollution and it was there from the beginning. Thank you for your answer

And just like with Apple you’re not going to see Multipoint any time soon. Both companies offer you ease of transfer from product to product in THEIR ecosystem. Thus compelling you to buy Only their products. Until the paradigm supports the offering of simultaneous connection between products other than their own as being more profitable, this will remain the case.