Sennheiser HD 560s Open-Back Headphones - Official Thread

Better extended than the HD6XX, but less lower mid bloom. And regarding 4.5khz, I don’t think so. I think it’s more likely the bigger issue lies at 8khz. If you look at the positional variance, you see there are some positions that show a notable peak around there. That’s kind of how I’m hearing it at the moment. The 4.5khz bump could be better, but it’s not terribly out of balance with everything else.

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Still, it’s just +2dB tops. Anyway, everyone perceives it differently. :man_shrugging:

Another one I have heard/read recently is some folks saying this is a mini HD660S.

I see the hype :steam_locomotive: is still accelerating for this can. It’s cool having evidence from multiple sources.


Still, it’s just +2dB tops.

I’m not so sure about that.

Here’s the positional variance isolated:

Keep in mind, the target is just there for reference, so it’s not about individual deviations from the target, but rather the distance between the peak and the ranges on either side of it. It is definitely noticeable.

I think those who hear it as harsh may also be getting this position.


I see now. My judgement was also based on the smoothed plots (560S vs 6XX). Clearly a simplification.


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Were these made to follow the harmon curve? Like specifically to do so?

Here’s an updated measurement with a more consistent position that I think more accurately reflects how it’s heard on the head.

I had originally thought the slight harshness was from a peak at 8khz, and maybe that’s still part of it, but the more notable issue for this position is the 4-5khz peak that shows up a bit more strongly. So far, this is the most consistent result I get from the GRAS, and I’ll be using some in-ear mics to to compare and see if there are any notable differences for my own pinna.

You can see this result in the variations on the previous measurement, but because that one was averaged with a number of other positions with different clamp pressure it doesn’t look as intense. The bottom line is that, this is likely how some people will hear it, but there’s also the possibility that, depending on the coupling (clamp pressure, pad wear, etc.), you could end up hearing it closer to what the previous measurement shows.

Channel matching is pretty good on this unit


Which in-ear mics will you be using?

Custom ones from Mad Economist haha.


Oh wow. That’s pretty darn cool!

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@Resolve’s video review of the Sennheiser HD 560s went up yesterday. Wish we could have kept this pair as I’m personally a fan of these over the 600 series but one day in the distant future when stock is finally available I’ll grab a pair for myself.


Are those the same ones Oluv uses?

The in-ear mics? They’re made by the same person. I don’t know if they’re exactly the same though.

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Yeah, the in-ear mics. How would you say they will add value to what you are already doing?

They can show a difference between the GRAS pinna and my own. So this may be useful for identifying times when there’s a unique interaction with the rig that doesn’t happen when the headphone coupling is with my head (or vice versa).


Thanks. I’ll tune in for that when you get those incorporated into your workflow.

Well it’s not for every one of them haha. It’s really more for research purposes and making sure that what does get published on the standardized measurement rig is correct. The pinna is only one part of the various gain factors, and while the rig is able to represent the rest, I don’t have the ability to put the mic right at the ear drum. So really it’s just pinna differences.

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First wanna apologize for any layout or grammatical problems. I am on business trip this week so am writing this all out on my phone, which is not as easy as some might think.

Chain: Yggdrasil GS > DNA Starlett/EC BW2 > HD560S

Build: I found the build to be pretty bad. It felt much cheaper than the HD6X0 series. The plastic felt flimsy and maybe I just have a big asian head but felt like it could snap when I don’t feel the same about my other headphones. Also the cable is meh and the 1/4 inch jack felt hollow. Pads were good and comfort was also nice due to low weight.


Overall I found this headphone to be meh. Similar to the HD 558/598 I have tried before. Bass was just okay. It felt alittle flimsy to me, but also lacking the detail of something like the HD6XX. It neither impressed me with quantity nor quality.

Mids were good, vocals sounded realistic and present in the mix, but it felt like it was slightly washed over. Lacking deeper details overall.

Highs were elevated but not sibilant. I’m not upset with it, it added an increased sense of clarity and airiness but it felt slightly artificial.

Resolution was not on the standard of something like the HD6XX KISS. I think it wasn’t bad, but just not on the same level.

Scaling ability wasn’t there. I tried the HD560S with onboard audio as well as my “higher end” gear, and it did not scale the way a HD6X0 would. Was a bit disappointed at this.

Soundstage. I might actually be bad at telling soundstage but I felt it actually wasn’t that big. Maybe I’m just not able to discern the differences in soundstage well, but it felt like a headphone and it didn’t exactly feel wide. I haven’t heard an HD800, so when I read this was similar I expected more but I was left feeling meh. Maybe I’m just not able to tell this very well though to YMMV.

I feel this headphone is too expensive for what it is. For the price one can get an HD6XX and I found this to be much better. I don’t think this is the “giant killer” that many on youtube are touting. I think it’ll have an audience with some on the entry level, but ultimately I feel it’ll get lost to history as many headphones that are touted “giant killers” always do.


Great writeup @dncnexus.

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Sennheiser is kind enough to approximate the quality in the product family numbers: 500, 600, and 800. Your review echoes that heuristic perfectly. Beware that some reviewers such as DMS tend to get on every hype train that comes along.