Sennheiser IE200 - Official Discussion Thread

Why not make balanced, high-fidelity sound available to everyone, no matter where they are? The IE 200 is Sennheiser’s answer. Whether you’re a lifelong audiophile — or you just want better sound on the road — these exceptionally neutral and precise earphones reveal an entire world of new detail.

The big reveal - enjoy the music you love like never before with the smallest details unmasked.

The tonal balance of the IE 200 showers you with these gifts. Because our engineers spent considerable effort to eliminate the peaks and troughs that can otherwise swallow up or overshadow a particular note. It’s an upgrade for your entire music collection.

Wires have never been this sexy

For ultimate sound quality and dependability, nothing beats a cable

No matter how amazing your wireless earbuds are, you still have to charge them. With the IE 200, all you need to remember is to plug them in. Ahh, and when you do … you’ll be completely enveloped in a world of brilliantly balanced sound. Full of detail and presence like you’ve never experienced.

Graceful, all-black aesthetics perfectly reflect this devotion to fidelity. The highly adaptable chassis fits comfortably in any ear, from large to even very small — underscoring our clear intent to make audiophile sound accessible to anyone and everyone.

Built around the True Response

At the heart of the IE 200 lies a mini-transducer so exceptional, it also drives our most renowned in-ears

The IE 200 takes advantage of some of the best in-ear technology we have to offer. The 7mm extra-wideband True Response transducer, for instance, exhibits virtually no harmonic distortion at all. That’s why you’ll also find it in our IE 300, IE 600 and IE 900.

This dynamic driver reproduces transients with great precision across the entire frequency range — so you can hear exactly what the sound engineer intended. The snare drum cuts through the mix like it’s supposed to; close your eyes, and lifelike sibilants make it feel like the vocalist is in the room, singing just for you.


The Sennheiser 200 is now available for pre-order here.

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Reserved for DMS’ video review coming this Sunday.

Pre-ordered from your site, can’t wait to try my first Sennheiser IEM!

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How is it different from the IE300?
I find vocals on the IE 300 a bit thin (but not really recessed), and love the bass. How would this compare?

Very excited for an IE600 tuning at this budget!

I watched DMS’s review this morning and he compares it to the IE 600 a lot but never mentions the IE 300 unfortunately. He describes the mids like this (not sure if it really answers your question or not):

“… a little bit of warmth in the very very low ends of the mid-range, the middle of the midrange around 800 hz is less emphasized but definitely far from not being present …”

He also mentions the mids somewhere else in the video but I didn’t grab a quote for that part.

I’m really excited to give these a try. Originally I tried to get the Truthear Hexa based on Resolve’s review and just needing a pair of decent sounding IEMs on the go to pair with my Qudelix 5K. That’s was before even seeing his year end recommendation of that combo for best under $300 (I think it was?) lol. But after Amazon sent me the Zero by mistake instead of the Hexa I’ve realized that the Hexa probably won’t suite me because the nozzle size on the Zero is just too large for me. It’s not comfortable and sleeping with them in is even worse.

Enter the IE 200 which might be just right because of the compact size, comfort, and seemingly good tuning, especially considering I can tweak it a bit with the Qudelix. I have the HD 560s and HD 6XX and love them both (though the 560s more so these days) and have recently given them both a slightly more V-shaped EQ (though not by much) so the IE 200 sounds like it might just check all the boxes for me.

Since I had it typed out for a reply on another site I’ll also include this quote about the Kato: “I definitely find this more detailed than things like the Moondrop Kato and little bit less focused on the lower parts of the treble and the upper parts of the mid-range where we start to ramp into that ear gain. The Kato while I loved it I did find it a bit aggressive in that region whereas the IE 200 well it’s just a bit smoother, it’ lacks harshness which is nice…”

For those in Canada the IE 200 just went up for sale today on Amazon and is selling for under MSRP ($163 vs $199 CAD). Shipped and sold by Amazon.

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Thanks for sharing! Appreciate it.

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You bet. I might now have much to offer the community in the way of knowledge but at least I can give back with stuff like this :smiley:

I pulled out my IE200 today and noticed the right earpiece has developed a bit of a crackling noise. When listening to something like a podcast, certain voices at certain volumes almost sound like they’re peaking but with a more plasticky quality.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Listening to Sennheiser IE200 today.

What I like so far

  • Great comfort
  • Small diameter insertion piece
  • Good fit for my ears
  • Light weight
  • Rotating swivel of the ear hook
  • Silicone ear tips - sound is good

What I don’t like so far

  • Gimmicky second position for ear tips sounds poor
  • Foam tips dampen highs too much, …maybe…