SOLD: ampsandsound Kenzie Ovation with lots of tubes

$3200 plus real shipping cost

Includes various tubes and adapters. Includes original hard case.

Purchased new directly from ampsandsound, delivered in January 2021

I love this amp and it sounds extraordinary. It has speaker outputs (1 watt) for efficient speakers and headphone outputs from Low Z, 16, 32, 100, and High Z, five total. I am selling because I have returned to solid state for my 2 channel set up and want to downsize to a smaller tube amplifier with pre-outs. If you have another tube amp and thinking of trading up let me know.

PayPal friends and family or Venmo with established members. Please message me privately with other questions.

Included tubes and adapters
1626: 10 count RCA, 1 count Sylvania
2C52: 1 count Raytheon
12SL7GT: 3 count Sylvania, 3 count GE
12SN7GT: 1 count Sylvania, 1 count Dumont, 1 count Raytheon
12B4A: 2 count RCA, 4 count GE, 1 count Philips ECG
ECC801S: 1 count labelled Telefunken, but also 6201 USA, unknown but sounds great
12AX7 to 12SL7 1 count
12B4A to 1626 2 count


Congrats on the sale…


Congrats on the sale Mark!

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