**SOLD** Ampsandsound Mogwai SE with Jupiter cap upgrade

$2700 (retail $3500)
Tube add on package $800
Both: $3,300

This amp was made this year. Has the Jupiter coupling capacitor upgrade, two rca inputs and stock tubes are 6550’s, 6L6GC STR, EH 5u4g
And choice between a few 6sl7’s.

New production tubes have about 200-300 hours on each.

Tube package comes with:

worth over $1k which includes:
1)tung sol 6550’s no hole plate from early 60’s
-production made before the 60’s three hole. These test basically new. Will last a longtime and sell for about $325 /pair
2) sylvania el34 fat bottle
-basically NOS too. Sells for about $240/pair
3)Siemens el34 NOS sells for about $150/pair
4) RCA gz34 close to NOS sells for about $125/each
4) Realistic 5ar4 NOS sells for about $75/each
5)RCA 5691 NOS sells for $75ish.

I’ve used each tube above for about 10 hours, the 6550’s are closer 300ish hours. Gz34 has 200ish hours on them too.

Will post pictures tomorrow.


I might be interested. Could you PM me?

Amazing amp at a great price GLWS

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Looks like the top plate is held in by 4 screws like my pendant and mogwai se. Remove those, and the top plate will come straight off. Just take off your tubes and gently lift holding the transformer, and then lay down upside down for a moment on the top of the transformer while you tighten the nuts.


What is this for?

Also, this amp has been sold.