SOLD: Audeze LCD-2F 2021 Revision

Price: SOLD
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA Lower 48

I purchased these as an open-box item from in March 2021. They have the revised pads and sound wonderful. They come from a smoke free, pet free, and virtually fragrance free home (my wife has a thing about fragrances). If you purchase, let me know if you want me to include the original receipt for warranty purposes. My only reason for selling is that I stumbled upon a great price for the LCD-X.

I’m asking $650, but if you don’t care about the pelican case (significantly more expensive to ship), I can sell the headphones without the case for $600. In that arrangement, I would ship the LCD-2 in the box that the LCD-X came with, providing good protection in transit without the heavy case.

I will ship to verified PayPal account/address anywhere in the USA lower 48. The price covers any Paypal fees incurred (I ask that you select “Goods and Services” so that we’re both protected) and shipping via UPS ground with insurance. I’m happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking.


Bump for the fact that Justin of Ampsandsound mentions the LCD-2 as one of his favorite headphones in this great video from The Headphone Show:

Take advantage of my great price on these headphones, and maybe you can afford to get a Kenzie to go along with it.

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Hehe. Pretty funny reason to bump but I’ll give you a bump as well.

Interesting that Justin picked the LCD2’s along with the Atticus. He must like warm headphones. I found the Atticus waaaayy too warm and I love warm headphones. Haven’t heard the Kenzie synergy with them so maybe they’re mind blowing with that combo.

Good luck with your sale. They’re a gorgeous set!


Bump to clarify that I am open to good faith negotiation on price and that I am a terrible negotiator.

$1.00. Final offer.


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Maybe not that terrible a negotiator. But seriously, whenever I sell anything, it takes about a week for me to feel like I just want someone else to own this already! Especially if that person is nice. And I feel so happy when the sale is done. So I figure the sooner the world knows that about me, how impatient I am, the better.


Great price for a great headphone! I can’t believe someone hasn’t snatched these up yet!

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