SOLD - Aurender Flow (read)

Price: 250
Currency: usd
Ships to: United States

I’m selling my Aurender Flow. Cosmetic condition of the unit itself is excellent. Functionality is limited to optical input since USB does not seem to work other than for charging. As a work around I am including a free USB to optical converter in case your source doesn’t have optical. I’ve been using it daily for months and works great! Battery holds charge like it always did.
Most if not all accessories are included, please check pictures. Also, please note that with the included case, the faux leather is peeling.
This is still an excellent transportable DAC amp in 2021. Only reason I’m selling it is that I prefer the Bifrost 2 because it has a more three dimensional sound vs the Flow. The Flow seems to me a more fuller sound and has a more pronounced low end vs the BF2.
Price includes PayPal fees and shipping in the Continental United States.

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