SOLD: Beloved Audeze LCD-2 (rev2, 2012)

Price: SOLD
Currency: USD
Ships to: Worldwide, USA preferred

For sale are my beloved Audez’e LCD-2 (early rev 2, pre-fazor) in Caribbean rosewood. Bought in March 2012 directly from Audeze and owned since, provided nearly 8 years of an incredible music journey (first with HeadRoom Desktop, then RWA Bellina, then now Vinnie Rossi LIO). Functionally as great as the day I bought them, specifically the sound, yoke, headband, etc. Non-smoking house, no pets, only used by me. Selling because I mostly use Verite Opens now, but there are sonic qualities of the LCD-2 that I miss on the VO. If you know your LCD-2 history, these are the super musical ones which are much sought after in comparison to the LCD-2c, 2f, or classic.

Comes with original Audeze cable terminated in 4-pin XLR (very lightly used, I’ve always used a 3rd party cable), polishing wax/cloth, and original luxurious black piano box.

Although cared for and never damaged, there is expected wear-and-tear over its years of use, which I have tried to show by photos. Most notably, there are areas of white clear coat scuffs around the wood cups, most notably near the two mini-XLR jacks. These feel completely flat and are very superficial scuffs, but noticeable (not really during daily use, only if you look for it). The headband is in good condition, and I just noticed small leather fray marks along the back of one of the ear pads but again something that you would only notice if you’re looking for it. Conservatively I would rate this as 6/10. These are all aesthetic marks that do not affect the sound or function at all. Online forums have info on how to remove the clear coat and repolish if these marks really bother you.

These headphones are ready to just be put on and listened to. Feel free to PM me for questions or if additional photos are needed.

Located in Seattle WA. Prefer local pickup but will ship and extremely carefully boxed. Buyer pays shipping costs + 3% PP fee. I have feedback and references from Audiogon, Head-Fi, and Ebay.


That’s pretty epic that these gave you 8 years of use and are still going. I have cars that have lasted 1/2 that time.


My Sennheiser HD 800’s are 9 years old . Believe me some headphones are made to last. You get what you paid for. :slight_smile:

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