SOLD: Benchmark DAC 3 L, Brand New


Benchmark DAC 3L, Brand New


Why are you selling this? Are you keeping the other one? I have the dac2 and like what it does for detail. Matches really good with tube amps as the synergy of tube musicality & this dacs detail works for me.

Not a bad amp either

I am selling this because I have 2 and planned to use each one in a different system in a different part of the house, but I am changing all that so I don’t need the second one. I am keeping the first one I have as its an amazing DAC. I use it with my Tube amp all the time! The second on has just been sitting in its box ever since I bought it. It’s time to sell it and get it to someone that will use. Hopefully that answers your questions. Thanks for looking!

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Still available. Considering all reasonable offers!