SOLD:EML 2A3 mesh 1 pair

Price: 500
Currency: USD
Ships to: United States

Used no more then 30 hours and went through the proper burn in. They are very good sounding tubes. The lot is four 2A3 m tubes. I used them on my WA33. I switched to EML 300B 2.5 volt. I have original boxes signed up for the 5 year warranty. PM if interested
1 pair left price is $500 shipped through UPS ground.
Signed up for 5 year warranty.

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Great tubes for WA33.

Hi BDB … I’ve got a 2a3-based amp on order, with delivery end of year, and these would be desirable upgrade. Are you only selling as a batch of four? (I guess it would be smart to have backup tubes, or I could resell the others). Thanks!

I have a lot of back up tubes these and 3 others 12 total. I might break it up if you are interested. I could easily sell a pair. I was only thinking in my circumstances of having WA33. Ask $500 shipped and insured.

That sounds like a good deal. Let me check the bank Monday and I’ll get right back to you!

Sold 1 pair have 1 left price is $500 shipped insured through UPS ground.

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All of them sold…

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Gorgeous looking tubes. Only 5 months until I get my amp!