SOLD F.S Hifiman HE1000v2, excellent/like new cond


**Currency: USD
**Ships to: Anywhere

For sale Hifiman HE1000v2 used less than 6 months. Bought from Hong Kong Hifiman AD. Excellent condition. No pets, No smoking, always covered by dust cover. very light use since I have many HPs.

Photos as attached. Incl. 3 stock cables unused! Note: This is the newer version with 3.5mm HP end connectors (not 2.5mm).

+USD150 for the 7N UPOCC 5.5 fts 8 wires (4 silver 4 copper construction) super soft custom balanced XLR cable with rhodium connectors. its very light. This cable really shine these cans specially tuned for Hifiman.

No trade pls. Paypal only. Buyer pays paypal fee and shipping. I can ship anywhere. Shipping is from Hong Kong. Will ship by express (but depending on covid restrictions that actual delivery time might be vary on your location)


Hi there, I know you say no trades, but please consider this…

Recently driver swapped Stellia’s beryllium into Radiance’s improved acoustic housing and it yielded fabulous results. I actually made 2 pairs it’s so good, but now realizing I can just live with one.

Essentially, it maintains the slammy nature + incredible dynamics of Stellia, but reducing midbass bloat a bit (thanks to radiance’s bass radiator port) and helps with the upper registers being less sharp.

I’ve sent them to Resolve here at for testing and measurements and he very much was impressed as well. Can provide photos of measurements (stacked with stellia) as well as proof of the driver swap being performed.

My asking price is tentatively at 2K but seeing how this is a one off, we can play around.



Thanks for your offer but i’m not looking for trades.

Sent you a private message

This item is SOLD***

Where did you source that cable?

It’s by Hong Kong cable maker leaudio. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a link where I could purchase one as well, or if your buyer didn’t buy your cable, might I?
Im not sure they will ship oversea but you can ask.

I sold mine tgt to the buyer.

Good luck!:ok_hand:t2:

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