SOLD: Feliks Audio Euforia Anniversary Edition - $2,200

Price: $2,200
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere
Includes: Original box, original tubes, original power cord, one pair Bendix 6080 upgrade tubes
Payment: I will send a PayPal invoice and will cover the PayPal fee myself. Buyer pays shipping. Free local pickup near Downingtown, PA (suburb west of Philadelphia) is always an option.

I picked this amp up from another forum member to see how it compared to my other gear. I can tell that it’s a very capable amp, and am really glad I got to experiment with it and learn more about how other amps sound with the rest of my system. That said, it’s not the flavor I personally want most, long-term, and I am saving for a DAC upgrade, so needed to pick one to send to a new home. Of course, much depends on tubes, but in general, it’s an extremely fast amp compared to others (particularly on the decay of notes), and adds that touch of tube warmth that can be very helpful with the right gear synergies, recordings, and personal preferences.

It’s in fantastic functional shape, and the only cosmetic blemish I could find is a scratch on the top left of the transformer, which can be seen in further photos.

Helpful Reference Links:

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Feliks site:
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More than happy to answer any questions or provide additional photos. Exclusive to this forum until Monday.


@lost33 :roll_eyes: might be interested?


A beauty. Insanely great reviews.


Beautiful! This must be the same one that sold on Head-Fi on November 25th, yeah?

I missed my chance to purchase it then, and I may need to rectify that mistake here!

PM sent!


That is correct - the very same amp!


Nice! You got it sold @andris :+1:


Yes, someone with little to no self control purchased it and is hoping to get his hands on it before returning to his home country for two weeks pre-Christmas quarantine. This little baby and an SMSL SU-9 (this same person just bought) are going to team up for an anticipated eargasm.


Well you’re in for a real treat! I’m about 10ish hours into the one I took delivery of on Friday. Bifrost2 -> Eurforia AE -> Empy. The amp definitely lives up to the hype IMO and it’s a completely awesome driving the Empy. It really made them come to life. I loved them before as well but the Eurforia took them to a whole new level for me. Congrats!

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My current favourite stack is: Bifrost2 -> Woo Audio WA2 -> HD800s

Will compare the Bifrost2 and SMSL SU-9 to see which combo i like better.

I love my Woo Audio WA2 and have been rolling tubes since the last time I was in quarantine so have a few to try in the Eurforia.

Thank you. I am excited.