SOLD: Feliks Audio Euforia in good condition $1050 + optional Bendix graphite 6080's, GEC 6080's, Triad transformer

$1050, priced to move.

Rare opportunity: Up for grabs is my Euforia tube amp from Feliks Audio, the Polish boutique amp company. Serial #10 bought in 2017 and taken care of. Works flawlessly and you can see the internals are in perfect working order. Minor scratches as shown. North American 120v electricity.

Will ship to US / Canada, price is around $50.


  • 2x RCA 6AS7 G (or RCA 6080 WA) power tubes
  • 2x RCA 6SN7 GTA driver tubes

non original box and needs a universal power cord


  • $150 2x Bendix 6080 WB authentic slotted graphite plate tubes, matched and perfectly working
  • $130 2x GEC 6080 authentic tubes working perfectly
  • $65 Triad 20AH transformer with 6x multi-tube adapter. This allows you to use almost any combination of 6BL7, 6SN7, 6080, 6AS7 or others with adapter as powers. My experience has shown this to yield a larger soundstage, improved transient response and touch of realism, depending on the combination

tubes are tested in 100% working condition and without any sign of hum, using the amp but not with a tube tester

Bendix 6080 slotted graphite tubes for an extra $150;
GEC 6080 tubes for an extra $130

Triad 20AH transformer with 6x multi-tube adapter for an extra $65


@Torq or anyone can you delete this thread? It’s sold (from another service), thanks!

  • Levi