SOLD: Focal Elegia + Extras

Price:: 525 + PayPal Fees (I’ll cover shipping)
Currency:: USD
Ships to:: CONUS

First owner, VERY lightly used (probably less than 50 hours), non-smoking household. In addition, I bought a cloth headband cover and never wore the headphones without it. No issues at all, but I have delved into the world of ZMF headphones and haven’t looked back.

I also got the Dekoni Elite Sheepskin pads and made a cable for them, and I must say they look a lot sleeker with these accessories.

All original accessories (case, cables, paperwork) and boxes (inner and outer shipping box) are included.

The Extras include:
The highly recommended Dekoni Elite Sheepskin pads

A headband cover

A custom cable made by me (I’m not a professional at this so buyer be aware)

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to answer them.


Hi Mark,

I’m interested in purchasing these headphones and extras. I have been thinking about the Focal Elegia for some time now. I will reach out offline.



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Sold and shipped to @Moe !!!

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