SOLD: Focal Radiance w/Norne Drausk Lite 4.4mm Cable (Price Drop)

Price: $0 - Focal Radiance w/Norne Drausk Lite 4.4mm Cable
Price $0 - Focal Radiance
Currency: USD
Ships to: North America

Got an unbelievable chance to purchase a ZMF VC this weekend so my Focal Radiance is up for sale as I don’t need two closed back dynamics.

These are absolutely pristine.

$0 price is for just the Radiance with all of its original packaging.
Radiance is still under warranty for another 18 months with no registered serial in case you run into any issues. Like New (Mint)

I also have a custom matching Norne Drausk Lite 4.4mm cable in standard 4 feet for an additional $0. MSRP for this cable is over $0 shipped.
Norne Cable will also come in retail packaging, box and cable bag.

Not interested in any trades as I need to recoup some money. Not looking to sell the cable separately either unless the Radiance buyer does not want it.

PM for additional photos or info.

Thanks for looking,