Sold: Focal Sopra 3 (Red)

Price: $10999
Currency: USD
Ships to: Canada & United States

We’re letting go of our pair of Focal Sopra 3s from the office. They’re just over a year old at this point. In perfect condition and they’ll be shipped in the original Focal boxes.

If you’d like the two SPL s800s we’ve been running in bridge mode with them we can add them in for $4000 for the both of them.


Price Reduced

Out of curiosity, are you moving to different speakers? or moving away from large floorstanding speakers entirely?

We are undecided at this point. However, we will be moving offices soon and wanted to see if anyone from the community wanted to give them a good home.

Although if it was my choice we’d have a couple Grande Utopia in the new setup…



I loved these when I heard them… but I can’t hide them or say they were “a good deal” to the wife :joy: also not my color scheme… but damn if I don’t want them!

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I kind of feel the same way about the two amps. I have no need for them as I already have a great amp powering my speakers and another in a box that I’m trying to sell. But there’s something about the thought of monoblocks that intrigues me.

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Because it’s awesome! :grin:

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are these sopra 3’s still for sale?

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Sorry, just got notified these have indeed already sold…I’ll mark it as such.