SOLD Fostex TH909

Price: 1200.00
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

I’m selling my TH909s. They are in excellent condition. I don’t see any obvious scrapes or scratches or scuffs on them The pads and headband are in very good to excellent condition. All that being said, they are used so it is possible to there are some signs of wear. The stand is in good shape but may have a few scuffs and such on it. They come with the original box/packaging and accessories. These are quite possibly the best looking headphones out there. They are simply stunning to look at. They sound amazing as well. A definitely step up from the TH900. I’m only selling because I have too many headphones and need to pair down the collection and there are a few other things that I just can’t let go.

My asking price includes paypal fees and shipping in CONUS.