SOLD: FS: Empire Ears Valkyrie

Price: 1050
Currency: USD
Ships to: US (international negotiable)

Mint condition, like-new Valks for sale! Purchased in March, so still plenty of time left under warranty coverage.

As you probably know this is a “tri-brid” design, with a W9 DD, 1 BA, and 1 electrostatic driver.

I am only owner. Comes with all original packaging and accessories. One caveat - I would prefer to ship with the Ares II cable that ships with the Legend X (in my opinion, the all-copper Ares II is actually a better fit for the Valk and its estat driver), but will ship with the Eros II that ships with the Valk (which is a copper/silver hybrid cable) if the buyer would prefer.
Price includes shipping to CONUS.


Price change to $1050

These have been SOLD

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