SOLD FS: Gain tubes for ZDT JR. and others (5657W M8100 EF95 6AK5)

Price: $60
Currency: CAD
Ships to: Canada, USA (buyer pays shipping)

This is my first post on the buy and sell board. I thought to start small :-). You can check out my trading history on ebay (justins) and on Canuck Audiomart (justints).

I recently returned a ZDT JR. headphone amp which ceased to function properly. As a result, I have two sets of gain tubes that I purchased, but barely used. Both were purchased in the last six months on eBay from reputable sellers and were “Platinum Matched” and screened as “low noise” tubes. Both are functioning perfectly.

2 X Platinum Matched GE JAN5654W (EF95 6AK5) with 200 Hrs on them.
2 X Platinum Matched UK Mullard M8100 (EF95 6AK5) with 50 Hrs on them.

My total cost on these was $110 CAD. I am asking $60 cad + shipping or a trade for a single nice Amperex/Brimar/Seimans/Valvo 12AT7

You can DM me here if you are interested. Alternately, you can purchase through my listing on Canuck Audiomart, which has a peer feedback mechanism.

Thanks for looking.

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These have been sold!

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