SOLD: FS: massdrop ZDTjr $350 ,: Emu teak $350. open to offers

both are in great condition.

emu teak only used two or three times. I prefer the thx00 ebony.

selling zdtjr because I dont have any good synergies with them. No high impedance cans in my collection and right now I am mostly considering planars for next purchase.

I am based in US west so would prefer CONUS shipping

EDIT: I also had a reddit post on avexchange incase anyone notices. feel free to use that reddit thread or ask for more pictures


sold ether cx here:

and posted listing of this here but no activity:

I dont have that much other history but feel free to ask for timestamps and other stuff for security

also one listing on headfi where I am in the middle of shipping z7m2:

Why are you selling the tube amp? Also I think brand new it’s 400 correct?

new price is $400. but used prices have fallen quickly since i posted this. i forgot to update

selling because i dont have anything that synergizes that well. i just have an elex and thx00 which are relatively low impedance.
elex is good on it though but i was initially going to buy a zmf or a hd800s to go with it. not so sure now.

EDIT: cant seem to edit but emu teak and cx are sold and i would prolly sell the amp for $250 + fees/shipping


That’s a good deal!

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I’m very interested, how much use has it seen? Does it have an channel imbalance, or the famous humming some of these units are known for? Where would you be shipping from?

its from the second batch so no humming and i havent noticed any channel imbalance.
shipping from washinton.
but its a tube amp so senstive stuff will still pick up noise.
bought in july. its an amp so there is no sign of use really. it just sits there.
i havent use that much, maybe 50 hours?

i will plug it in when i get home and give it another listen

Sounds good

Yep, no channel imbalance except at very low points of the pot.
No hum either. PM if interested in purchasing.


is the emu teak will available?

Emuteak is gone. sorry

Is the amp 240v compatible and would you post to Australia?