SOLD FS: Pass Labs HPA-1

Price: $2350
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

I’d probably give this amp an 8/10 in terms of condition. There’s one mark you can see in the pic of the roof of the amp. A slight line/mark near the first ‘S’ in ‘PASS.’ Works perfectly, built like a tank, heavy. No additional fees beyond the $2350.

I joined this community a couple days ago to ask a question regarding the hsa-1b amp.

I’ve been most active on reddit and I’ve dabbled a little on headfi recently. I’ve sold a purple stained camphor burl verite open, red stabilized burl auteur, ZMF pendant, schiit bifrost 2, and a built purple heartwood base, purple textured top plate stained bottlehead crack with speed ball and Tung Sol 5998 and Mullard CV4003 tubes.

(you might have to scroll through my MLB/NBA posts to reach my hifi sales)


Pretty decent amp…

It’s okay. If I don’t sell it within a week I’ll throw it out




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Don’t throw it out, I could make some killer burgers on that flattop!

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Sold at $2250 on us audio mart

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Congrats on the sale!

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