SOLD FS - ZMF Pendant

Price: $2575.00 + shipping*
Currency: USD - PayPal
Ships to: CONUS only.

Purchased new 30 Aug 2020 @ $2499.99.

Cocobolo wood base, Zach’s NOS tube selection, plus stock tubes. Comes in hard pelican style case.

I am including my personal favorite tube set, as I feel it really brings the best out of the amp, and I don’t want to split them up. These cost me over $400.

So, you get 3 full sets of tubes to roll, including the stock JJ set, Zach’s favorites, and my own.


*Price includes PP fees.


Sale pending.



Envious! Maybe I can track someone down in the Cincinnati area to listen to one someday.

Congrats on the sale!

Ohh, man I want this :pleading_face: Wood casing looks great !!


Sold! Please close.


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