SOLD Glenn Otl and a massive bundle of tubes

I’m just putting out the idea of selling this soon and seeing if anybody here is interested. When I sell it I will not want to separate the bundle of tubes that goes with it and the amount is big, somewhere around 50 tubes and Deyan-made adapters.

Some of the tubes that can be included or some sold separately:

Tung Sol 5998’s
Bendix and Tung Sol 6080wb graphite plates
Mullard 6080’s
Mullard gz37
GEC L63 (with adapters)
GEC 6080’s
Tung Sol 7236’s

We can tailor the bundle around a price point but there is a chunk of them that I don’t want to break up. We can talk further about it. Reach out to me if interested and if I get no offers I’ll make a more formal listing on head-fi tonight.


Yeah, i have interest.


Someone please jump on this package deal, I just can’t at the moment, despite my desire to do so. Not only is it a tube rollers dream you will also be dealing with a superb individual. Thanks again for taking time out to answer all my questions!


OMG! Wish I had a few extra dollars to play with. Drooling all over my keyboard!

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Please tell us what a fair price would be

Sorry but this amp already sold.