Sold: Hifiman Susvara - 2.5mm connectors, custom cable

Price: 3550 3175 USD including insured shipping in US and PayPal fees.
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Pictures: Hifiman Susvara - Album on Imgur

Never thought I’d sell these but a medical emergency came up so with a heavy heart, I will have to let go of these. I am the first owner. I’ve owned them since November of 2019 but had them replaced by Hifiman around July/August of 2022 - it was having a channel imbalance issue but I didn’t realize it was just my custom cable becoming faulty. Oops. I’ve only used this new pair a handful of times since I rarely get time to sit down and listen anymore.

The headphones have some cosmetic flaws just as the original had when I bought them new - Yes, poor Hifiman QC alive and well in their flagship planar. Along the edges of the wooden trim, the wood doesn’t look totally aligned to the front baffle plate on both sides. You can see them in the Imgur gallery This doesn’t affect the bass response though. The headband sliding mechanism has some marks from when sliding the headband up and down just in the Sundara headband but less pronounced and severe. Otherwise, they’re cosmetically better than my first pair of Susvara.

These use 2.5mm connectors. The original catheter looking cable was thrown out. I’ve replaced it with a braided cable terminated in a balanced 4-pin XLR connector. It’s about 7 ft long. These have the revised earpads that sound significantly better IMO and are more neutral throughout the midrange. I wrote about the differences here.

Comes with the headphones, original box, book, carrying bag, and even the shipping box. I believe that’s everything besides the original 4-pin XLR cable and the 4-pin XLR to 1/4" adapter.

This question about amping may come up, so I use them with a Topping A90. On high gain, I’m around 10-1 o’clock. You may say, “BUT IT’S NOT A SPEAKER AMP AND WHAT ABOUT SyNErGY” and to that I say, idk bro I’m fine with it. Plus a few others in the Susvara thread have used them with the A90 and like the pairing. Power is definitely not a problem. To be honest, you can get away with the THX AAA 789 but just be prepared for the backlash. Not that it really matters but there is voodoo and gatekeeping when you talk amping with the Susvara and HE-6. Otherwise, it is the best headphone I’ve ever heard, period. Bump up the bass with EQ to your liking and you’re golden, or don’t if you like the bass as is.

From a smoke-less and pet-less home.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the headphones!

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