SOLD: JDS Labs Objective2 Amp + OL DAC - USB/Optical

Price: Asking $115
Currency: USD
Ships to: Shipping included in U.S. Will ship internationally at cost.

Prefer to sell as a set, but will sell as separates for $60 each shipped (no cables).

An affordable classic desktop headphone amp/DAC stack that was (is still?) very popular in the head-fi community. It was a staple in my computer audio headphone setup for a long time and was used during many of my headphone reviews. The JDS Labs O2 headphone amp and OL DAC is a surprisingly good setup that can power a wide range of headphones and has excellent bang for the buck. This DAC unit has both USB and Optical inputs and the amp has the rechargeable batteries inside, but I honestly never used the unit when it wasn’t connected to power, so not sure about battery lifespan.

These have many hours on them, but they are very well cared for and look practically new (to me). They’ve been in storage for more than 2 years and they deserve a good home. I hooked them up and they still sound great. Headphone jack has some wear but grips cables snug.

Nice Straightwire 6" RCA cables that are perfect for stacking these will be included with the sale.

Will ship in original boxes. Can accept most common digital payments and happy to meet in person if you’re around the Chicagoland area.

Specs at JDS Labs - OL DAC - DACs and JDS Labs - Objective2 Headphone Amplifier - Amplifiers

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