SOLD: Mod House Argon Mk2 (Massdrop T-X0 based), Balanced, ZMF Lambskin Pads, Deerskin Strap, Extra Hybrid Pads and Leather Strap

Price: $425
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental USA
I’ve decided to sell off multiple sets of my Mod House Argons after buying a ZMF Verite Closed. This is my set based off the Massdrop T-X0 and is technically a Fostex MK2. It has the cool blacked-out appearance that sets it apart from most other Argon mods.

These are in great condition having just arrived recently from Mod House Audio. The ZMF Lambskin Oval pads are not brand new but are still in good shape. I’m including the hybrid pads and leather suspension strap that originally came with the T-X0. These also come with the 1/4” stock cable and 3.5mm V-Moda cable.

Just to be clear, even though the Argons I’m selling are balanced, they will work just fine with a single-ended cable/amp.

Price includes shipping in the continental US with USPS Priority Mail. I will also cover the PayPal fees. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thanks again for looking!


I hope you at least got to listen to one of your Argons before deciding to sell them. I imagine they don’t really compare to the Verite, but they sure are fun to listen to.

I have the Mark 2 you’re selling, and I thought the unmodified, pre-Argon ones sounded pretty bad. They sat around a long time, as I kept meaning to get rid of them. I instead finally sent them to Ryan at Modhouse last summer, and what a difference! Someone will enjoy these or your Mk 3s. They are super comfortable and a lot of fun to listen to, but they really do need power.

Enjoy your ZMFs :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry, I am not selling my original Argon MK2 that I got a few years back. It was the best headphone I’d ever owned up until I got my first set of ZMF’s, a used Aeolus. I still find them extremely comfortable and excellent for watching movies and tv shows late at night. The extra bass really helps in that context. I’m also less nervous using them since they didn’t cost an arm and a leg like my Verite Closed.