SOLD: Mod House Argon Mk3, Balanced, ZMF Protein Pads, Deerskin Strap

Price: $425
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental USA
I’ve decided to sell my Mod House Argon Mk3 because I recently bought a set of ZMF Verite Closed while these were being made. They are in like-new condition as I just received them in the mail from Mod House Audio. The only cosmetic issue is a small dent on the leather headband. I think it must have happened during shipment. I tried to snap a clear picture of it.

My Argons are balanced and also include the deerskin suspension strap, V-Moda cable (3.5mm), orange stock cable (3.5mm) and stock Fostex pads.

Just to be clear, even though the Argons I’m selling are balanced, they will work just fine with a single-ended cable/amp.

Price includes shipping in the continental US with USPS Priority Mail. I will also cover the PayPal fees. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!