SOLD: Peerless Tymphany ATH-AD700 Mod

Price: $130 USD shipped and PayPal’d within US. Ships from MN.

Turns out, modding is more frustrating and costly than I previously had thought. The drivers are the 50mm Peerless Tymphany drivers that are also used on the Vali and Borealis. Highly capable drivers. I think I’ve had my fun with this project though and so I am thinking of selling the headphones.

Not going to release my secret sauce(s), or at least not yet. The only things I will say are that I use an AD700 as the chassis and that the headphones now have a 3.5mm detachable cable system. The cable included is the stock cable that has been re-terminated to work with the detachable system. I’ve also tacked on a grill over the driver so that a finger or ear doesn’t accidentally crumple the diaphragms.

There are minor cosmetic imperfections along the champagne trims. Otherwise, the headphones are in very good condition.

Measurements made on my MiniDSP EARS (HPN compensation). Usual disclaimers apply here with the 3-5 kHz looking wonky on all headphones measured on it and the treble not being terribly accurate.

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