SOLD PRICE CUT! Verite Closed Stabilized

Ships to:US or Canada

ZMF Vertie Closed Stabilized Maple Burl
Magnesium Chassis

$2550 and I pay Paypal fees and 1/2 of US Shipping. Canadian buyer pays full shipping. Latest drops have been $3200 new + tax & shipping.

Suede version with 4 sets of pads and 2 cables


The following are included and effectively new or have a few minutes of use:

Pads–BE-2 suede & Auteur suede (new from Koa VC)
Auteur protein (used a few minutes)
Universe suede installed (minimal use)

Headband unused and was just installed
Strap has some use but has mostly been sitting in a box since I bought these, removed the strap and replaced with a pilot pad

Stock XLR and ¼” cables (one new from Koa VC)

No visible nicks on chassis. Very minor ones were touched up with ZMF touch up pen. (Any white bits in pics are dust and only seen when zoomed in with bright light)

Cups are in perfect condition. No nicks or scratches

New ZMF cleaning cloth

Owner card & red pouch

Leather cable bag

Seahorse case

Capturing exact color is very difficult with these, especially on the cup which is more blue-green. They also change quite a bit in different lighting. First 2 pics on leopardwood salire stand are the most accurate.

Freshly polished with Mohawk Penthouse polish

they look a little more muted and less orange in less bright light