SOLD: QuantAsylum QA401 - Audio Analyzer w/ Extras - $300

Price: SOLD ($300)
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

I am selling my QuantAsylum QA401 Audio Analyzer as I am upgrading to a different type/class of analyzer/software.

This is an excellent way to get into DAC and amplifier measurements/characterizing their overall performance. And can be used with 3rd party software via an ASIO driver and/or using different software as the signal generator (the standard software includes signal generation for the majority of scenarios, but 3rd party signal generators are needed for a formal, rather than inferred, jitter test).

The unit is in like-new condition.

In addition to the analyzer itself, I am including all of the cabling/adapters and terminators required to actually USE the unit (it does not ship with these from the manufacturer), which amounts to about $100 in additional bits over the base price.

Note: The software for this unit is exclusively Windows based. Thus you will either need a Windows PC or have the ability to run Windows in a Virtual Machine in order to use it. There is no native macOS client for it.

Price includes the QA401 unit, USB cable, single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) cabling, multiple terminators and adapters, and all original packaging AND both shipping and PayPal fees.


Excellent deal for a budding reviewer!

Maybe one of our community YouTube reviewers will pick this one up.

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Also, if you’re in WA or the Seattle area … you can scrub another $50 for an in-person transaction and I’ll show you how to use it.


If you get the ASIO driver is this thing a competent DAC for audio playback?

I’ve never tried to use it that way, so it’d be remiss of me to say, but the chap who wrote the ASIO driver might be able to shed more light on that.