SOLD: rme adi-2 dac

Price: $800 OBO
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Don’t ask… I realized after selling it that I kinda need the Pro FS for some of my work.

Excellent condition, includes box and accessories.


HAHAHAHA. I almost made the same mistake a while back but ended up keeping the Pro and buying a ADI-2. The ADI-2 can’t match the Pro’s versatility - Lots of inputs/outputs options.

Might be interested if you can ship this to Canada !

Hey Luck, would love to pick this up if you’re okay shipping to Canada and @titienne passes his interest.

My reply was originally made for you ! I knew you were very interested in picking one up.

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I’m definitely interested. USA - CA (if the above Canada request doesn’t work out)

Op posted this as sold on headfi. Rip.

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I’m offended you never bought and sold mine :wink:

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