SOLD: Rooms Audio Type FS-Pro B VC-Series, Black. BNIB

Hello everyone,

As I start to think about rebuilding my headphone set up I ordered a few Rooms Audio FS-Pro B VC-Series headphone stands in black, but I won’t be needing them anytime soon and they are just taking up space. These are the metal models with the adjustable head. I thought I would have my headphones replaced/repaired by this time but I have not, and will end up with a few less than I originally had so I don’t need them. Returning them back to Germany is going to be a pain and will cost me way more than the original shipping cost was. I would rather sell them in the United States and save both of us some money.

I only opened one box to look inside and make sure I got what I ordered. I did not take the stand out of the box or the plastic bag it is in so I do not have any of my own pictures except for the ones of the box itself. If you are an interested buyer I can take extra pictures for you if you need me to :slightly_smiling_face:


$139.99 USD OBO and I will pay for shipping to lower 48 states and I will eat the 3% PayPal fee.
Retail price on these stands from Thomann is $139.99 USD but it costs $30 to ship each stand to the United States. If you don’t think this is a fair deal then please give me an offer to consider.


Ships to:

I would rather stay inside the Continental United States, but I will ship internationally at buyers cost and liability.

Here is my picture of the box

Here are some pictures I found showing how they fit different headphone models. These are NOT my pictures