SOLD: Rosson Audio Design RAD-0

Price: $SOLD via PayPal (price already includes all fees and shipping to USA)
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere (buyer pays outside USA)

I bought these beautiful cans to enjoy while my ZMFs were built… and now it’s time for them to find a new home. The asking price already includes all fees and shipping to USA.

Take a deep dive into the RAD-0 Thread to learn more about these headphones. Please send me a message if you have any questions.

Everything in the photos is included:

  • Super dope RAD-0 headphones
  • Travel hard case and papers
  • Alex Rosson 4-pin balanced cable
  • Arctic Cables 4-pin balanced cable


Any interest in trades by chance?

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I could see myself getting excited about a Woo Audio WA22 or a DNA amp, but otherwise I’m pretty set for now. Thanks for the interest!

That’s a lovely pair! Definitely interested and sent PM.

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These are now sold… ENJOY! :grin:

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