SOLD: Rosson RAD-0

RAD-0 with case and both SE and 4-pin XLR stock cables. Selling for $1500.00 and I will pay PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS. Thanks for looking.

These are great headphones but my Aeolus Cocobolo came this week so I’m selling these. I don’t really need 2 open back phones and the Aeolus match better with my ECP T4 (and give me something to do with my collection of ZMF pads).


I might recommend some photos with different lighting and wiping down the rad-0s with a soft cloth before. These are beautiful headphones but the photos don’t capture it as well.

Enjoy your Aeolus and glws!

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Not the best photographer I’m afraid. :slightly_smiling_face:


Edited with new (better?) photos.