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Audeze LCD3 Headphones Drivers & Earpads are new complete w/New Warranty . I have enclosed the images to support very recent Replacement of drivers and Earpads. The drivers are for 3 years warranted and the Earpads for 1 year.
This warranty is for 3 years effective for end of October as shown in image below. The repair and new warranty cost nearly $600.
These are in very good condition and taken care pampered with care as you will note with my excellent feedback.

I believe the wood is referred to as Zebrawood. I will absorb S/H and Paypal fee.
Iā€™m wanting Sold which is delivered to your door. I am firm on this price since it is more than fair considering nearly all new parts and warranty. I am shipping only CONNUS and signature will be required.

I am also selling separately a 3 meter Cardas Clear headphone cable for $390 with all fees paid on that as well. If Sold

Thanks for looking.