SOLD: Thx Headphone Community FS: ZMF Autuers silkwood mint

ZMF Auteur Silkwood in like-new condition. There are a few dents from normal use, but nothing that scratches through the finish.

It comes with the following accessories:

  • ZMF wood case (like new, with a few minor scuffs)

  • ZMF 6.35mm single-ended (1/4inch) cable

  • ZMF 2.5mm balanced copper

  • 2.5mm balanced to 4.4mm balanced adapter

  • 2 pairs of ZMF pads

  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Purchased (May, 2019) directly from ZMF (Zach)

This is a great sounding and great looking ZMF headphone. There are about 300 hrs on them, so burn-in is done . Also, with the current 6-month wait time for new ZMF’s, this is ready to go. Comes from a smoke-free environment.

Asking $1395, which includes PP fees, shipping insurance, and signature-required 2-day USPS shipping. CONUS only. Returns allowed only if description (which includes attached photos) varies significantly from that stated. (I take great care of my equipment.)Price:
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I don’t understand why, because I have seen lots of ZMF. But for some reason I desperately want these. And I very much can’t justify them at the moment.



Yeh, I get it. I’ve upgraded to the VC. You really should try out some ZMFs. Or, maybe you shouldn’t… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Working on it! Trying to find a source stack that makes me want to buy things like ZMF.

In one of the ZMF interviews, Zach mentioned that he makes sure he tests out all his headphones on various sources from budget to hi-end. So, I don’t think you should worry too much about getting the “right” source. I think you’ll enjoy them either way, and it will only get better as you move up!


Does he test them on the qudelix? Because, so far, that has been the only keeper source for me. :wink: As much as I love that device, I doubt it will make me love a ZMF headphone. But, maybe I am wrong.

That’s really the major hold up. Once I pick a stack with a bit of power, ZMF will be on the table at some point. I am hoping to have it all sorted out by canjam.

Definitely need to stop talking on someone’s sell thread.

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Price drop to $1100.

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Rock and a hard place. To buy these I would have to return the amps I just bought. Then I wouldn’t have any amps that can power them. :wink:

Seriously though I am tempted. I just don’t know which ZMF I want.

Insane price for Auteurs! GLWS


I cannot overstate how much this is me at this moment


What an insane price!:scream: